To hear Skylark you will need to be on Dartmoor, and tune in an FM radio. Skylark won’t be available online.

To get a feel of how it might sound, have a listen to these short collages of Dartmoor sounds and voices.

Two people stand at two different Dartmoor reservoirs, remembering, linked by music based on the grid references of where they are, played by Neil Maya on clarinet and Pat Butterly on double bass. From Stellaria Media’s Patches of Land

Poet Robert Herrick was vicar of Dean Prior church in the 17th Century. Local residents Audrey and Roo read two of his poems in the church, accompanied by the song of the blackbird and notes on a glockenspiel.

Venford Reservoir is fed by multiple streams. A walk around its perimeter is punctuated by the sound of running water. Hear one of these streams, accompanied by Neil Maya on clarinet, playing the grid reference of the site.

On a warm Summer’s day, Spitchwick is the busiest place on Dartmoor. Children and teenagers dare each other to leap off the high rocky cliffs into the deep pools of the River Dart.

Four farmers talk about how they live and grow on Dartmoor, and musicians play the grid references of where they are. Part of Stellaria Media’s Patches of Land project.

A steam train travels along the River Dart between Buckfastleigh and Staverton.

Buckfastleigh resident Joyce remembers the shops and businesses of the town. Behind her we hear the birds chirping in Hembury Woods, and fragments of music.