Skylark is a unique FM radio station for Dartmoor that gives voice to the landscape. An ever-changing and continuous broadcast weaves together oral histories, new music, and live audio streams from people, animals, plants and weather, into an endless and evolving song.

Skylark broadcasts on 105.8 and 107.6 FM and can be heard across most of Dartmoor, and beyond.


Genius idea, inspiring location – the future of radio – Ed Baxter

I am excited to be involved with this nascent radio art form, which will prove to be an utterly seminal project – Sarah Washington, Mobile Radio

This is a wonderful and life affirming project – Andrew Deakin, Full of Noises

This sounds like the most brilliant thing – Bram Arnold

Dartmoor stands out in my life as a distant horizon, a place of pleasure, danger, majesty and solace. This project taps into the life of the land- its very sounds: the music of nature, and its people, its stories and its news, and shares them for our mutual enrichment – Jenny Wellwood

Every city in the world deserves something like this – Rodolpho Bertolini Junior