All who live, work and visit Dartmoor are invited to create this radio station together. We welcome contributions of original, local recordings. However, please don’t send in complete radio programmes, recordings you have edited and layered together, or any copyright material, as we won’t be able to play these. Recordings can be any length up to 10 minutes. If they are longer we will trim them to fit our system.

We are not too concerned about the audio quality. Mobile phone recordings are fine, but try to avoid being out in the wind, or loud sounds too close to a microphone that will distort. Please use our contact page if you would like technical support, or have long recordings, an archive or unusual formats to submit.

What we are looking for:

Voice recordings

Dartmoor people talking about their lives. This could be conversations with neighbours, oral history material from archives, or home-recorded cassettes featuring voices from decades ago.

Interviews with experts – farmers, conservationists, campaigners.

Readings of original, or out of copyright texts. These might be poems about Dartmoor or by local writers; old, non-fiction books or your original stories or poems. Or your own retelling of traditional tales. See this month’s text to get started.

Field recordings

Sounds of nature and the everyday, recorded in the Dartmoor area. A truck passing in the street, a coffee machine. A robin singing at dawn, water flowing or crickets chirping.


The continuous sound of the broadcasts will be tied together with reoccuring musical notes, chords and phrases. We invite musicians to record these on any instrument and send them in to us. Listen and access scores here.

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